Pauline V Despi grew up in the gritty suburbs of Manila, PH where she learned to embrace the noise and the textures of the environment that was both her home and playground. Her grandfather’s machine shop and the running river behind it, is both a blaring and tranquil space - two contrasting attributes that parallel evidently in the composition of her works.

Her installations involve synthesising percussive and industrial sounds with moving imagery - often isolating the layers of the final video and scattering the elements in a space, expanding the dimension on which the image can be viewed and experienced to create her brand of uniquely narrative fiction. She has collaborated with fellow visual artists, musicians, dancers and sound artist in various improvised live performances, and exhibits. 

A video and sound artist for a studio called ‘The Acid House’. Pauline is also one-half of ‘Sublingua, Submachines’, a sound/video experimental laboratory she shares with her husband. Their exhibits together include ‘Glass Feathers’, ‘Amniotic’, ‘Music For The Impaired’ (2013 Art Fair Philippines) and “Babel” which was also screened in Kuala Lumpur, London, Montreal, and New York. 

She has recently concluded her third solo show called ’A Steady, Wavering Tone’ and her first curatorial work in the group show ‘Shape of Shadows’.


Video art


Sound visualisation for Pantayo's second single "Heto Na". 

Director's cut of the music video, featuring Tita Collective, out now on Telephone Explosion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_khrQsXQIM


Director - Tricia Hagoriles
DOP - Sabrina Spilotro
Gaffer/Grip - Carine Zahner
DIT - Kelly Paoli
Sound visualisation - Pauline Vicencio-Despi
Production Design & Wardrobe - Cathleen Jayne Calica



A bank for recent sound projects and experiments. More to be uploaded soon.



A bank for film experiments and live visuals. More to be uploaded soon.

RECENT projects

A Steady, Wavering Tone

A Steady, Wavering Tone

A Steady, Wavering Tone


A Steady, Wavering Tone, is a response to Tin F Garcia’s politically-charged A Sovereign Tea Party, the first exhibit in the series. For this exhibit — Pauline’s third solo show — she creates an immersive experience that combines sound, touch, and movement. She rigged Tin’s existing works with mics and sensors (which were done in collaboration with analog synth maker Mark Rambo), turning the works into instruments. Pauline is, in effect, sculpting the atmosphere using her art. With its aural explorations, A Steady, Wavering Tone represents a new direction in Pauline’s art, which used to primarily involve video. 

Whereas A Sovereign Tea Party explored territorial disputes from a distance, A Steady, Wavering Tone makes that conflict more palpable. The two main installations in the exhibit  — “This Lot Is Not For Sale” and “Tao Po” — create live aural feedback whenever the viewer interacts with them. Pauline also scattered pebbles around the works, which recalls the practice of scattering stones around private property to deter intruders. By creating pieces that respond to the viewer’s movements, Pauline brings a strong, visceral currency to the space. 

The sound could be interpreted as warning sirens, or calls to action. Or signals for help. When the viewer moves away, the sound dies down. This presents an interesting dilemma: that urgency relies on a person’s proximity to become palpable, to become real. 

A Steady, Wavering Tone runs from March 2 to 23, 2019 at Pablo Gallery - The Fort. The gallery is located at Unit C-11, South of the Market Condominiums, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 


A Steady, Wavering Tone

A Steady, Wavering Tone


'HINABI' is the Filipino word for 'WOVEN' which is how our future paths should be: devoid of barriers, prejudice and bias, free from toxic herd mentalities.

Technology has indirectly built these imaginary walls that have torn through our social fabric.

Break through.
‘HINABI’ is our entry for this year’s Motion Response theme “The Future is Intimate” at Pause Fest in Melbourne.

Directed by Acid House
Story & Creative Direction: Pauline & Ivan Despi
Design & compositing: Ivan Despi
CG artists: Rod Tinapay, Gedrocks Roldan & Ivan Despi
Sound design: Reev Robledo
Music: Pauline V Despi
Vocals: Anjeline de Dios

Unbury The Meaning

A Steady, Wavering Tone

World Listening Day





We paint a picture in our minds that the ‘white' exists because of the black; that ‘ugliness’ is a benchmark for beauty; and that ‘lies’ are extractions from the truth. There is an internal struggle to look for the exact meaning of things for the deeply curious.

We beg answers to ‘what is truth if not for a little lie? what is beautiful if you have not seen the ugly? When we were taught to look for truth, kindness, and beauty we are left to our own devices and often it takes time.

Pauline Despi waited almost two years to produce a new film. In her new video UNBURY THE MEANING, the artist attempt to draw pictures and write words in a seemingly endless line-work. Perhaps to uncover what is true, ugly or beautiful in her nature and in her art, only to be lost again in the process.

Unbury the Meaning is screened at KLEX  2018. Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video and Music Festival as part of the International Guest Programme.

World Listening Day

Sublingua, Submachines

World Listening Day


2018 theme is FUTURE LISTENING, created by Filipino sound artist Teresa Barrozo. The theme proposes the idea of sound as a personal and universal envisioning of a future and of listening as a tool to create a transformed world. Participants are encouraged to examine their hopes, dreams, ambitions, and fears for the future of their community, society, or self and reflect on the question, “What does your future sound like?”

The event is presented by female-focused art+technology platform HERESY and is organized in partnership with Aréte, with the support of the Japan Foundation Asia Center and Japan Foundation Manila.

The WLD 2018 PH main event features a lecture performance by Japanese sound artist Yuko Nexus 6 and a site-specific performance by voice artist Ami Yamasaki. Final act will be an ensemble performance by Teresa Barrozo, Franchesca Casauay, Joee Mejias, and Pauline Vicencio-Despi, together with the two Japanese artists, performing a piece that was collectively developed and devised for the show  at Ateneo's Areté - Suthira B. Zalamea Lobby. 

The Acid House

Sublingua, Submachines

Sublingua, Submachines


Graphika Manila is the premiere design conference in the Philippines. 

The Acid House was tapped to do the branding for 2014's Graphika Manila. With the idea of gods coming down to connect with its people, and from this basic idea it all spun out to notions of dissecting gods and figuring out what makes them breathe. The design aesthetic fuses Pinoy ethnic culture and abstract ethereal forms.

Concept: The Acid House
Direction: Ivan Despi
Music: Pauline V Despi

Sublingua, Submachines

Sublingua, Submachines

Sublingua, Submachines


 Sublingua, Submachines. A sound/video experimental laboratory of artists, Ivan and Pauline Despi.   

Pauline synthesize percussive and industrial sounds into her animation, to create her brand of uniquely narrative fiction and has collaborated with fellow visual artists, musicians, dancers and sound artist in various improvised live performances and exhibits.

Ivan Despi is an illustrator, designer & animator who, along with his wife Pauline, runs The Acid House - an artist collective involved in design & animation. He has made music videos for UpDharma Down, Radioactive Sago Project and live visuals for DJ Bassnectar.


The Alley at Karrivin Plaza, Makati City, Philippines